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An introduction

Break-A-Way pigeon pellets were launched 2 years ago and took off right from the start.  Progressive pigeon fanciers seized the idée of the high quality nutritional pellet combined with the latest in nautricitical science.  The initial results surpassed all expectations.

We are getting only positive feedback on the health and vigor of the youngsters bred on Break-A-Way pellets, and are looking forward to the coming season and the way these racers are going to perform. 

In our opinion this scientific racing system is the only way to accommodate all the products like vitamins, minerals, fats and oils, creatine, carnatine, liver protectors and other health and performance enhancing substances in a sensible fashion.

If you don’t use this racing system you will have to change your food and water four to 5 times a day just to get everything into your pigeons, in the old fashioned fragmented manner.

The result with Break–A–Way pellets and the nature of our ongoing research led us to the next logical step, the new even more inclusive Break-A-Way Medicated Pellets!!

This new concept includes top class balanced pigeon Nutrition.  Including scarce ingredients like peanut hearts, this is just the centre of the peanut, and the highest in nutrients.

High quality proteins balanced amino acids.   The latest in lipid nutrition, sheep fat, Flax seed oil, essential oils like cinnamon oil and other ingredients. Coupled with all the substances in the standard Break-A-Way pellets.

Cost did not come into consideration when we formulated the product and only the highest quality ingredients were used.  For example, pharmaceutical grade desiccated liver used in the product.  The latest in legal sports medicine and proven in our other products were also included in high quantities, making this the most complete pigeon pellet in the world.

We recommend that you use this product in conjunction with the Break-A-Way Nautricitical and replace the standard pellet on early in the week and just before racing with the Break-A-Way Medicated pellets.

In both the products we recommend you replace 20 – 50 % of your diet with the Pellets.

Acquaint yourself with this new concept by fully understanding the products and what we are offering you, in this non-fragmented product.  Our cost analysis shows us that this is by far the most affordable way to use all the latest ingredients in a scientific responsible way.  

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