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From left to right: Mark, Billy, Bill (Father) and Kevin

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With their roots evolving from the Heidelberg District since 1915, the Kitchenbrand's are the eldest known pigeon family in history of the South African Pigeon Racing Fraternity. They boast the most Combined winning results compared to any other South African pigeon family to date. Kitchenbrand Loft's Club 500 was formed as a results of winning 500 Combined pigeon racing events between them. The Kitchenbrand's late grandfather William Peter, served in the pigeon Cor. during the World War.

Two Uncles Ivan and Les Kitchenbrand were legends in the sport and a lady fancier reportedly participated in the Kempton Park District during the 1950' After many years of Champion Scores, participating in different Clubs and Organizations, Dad WP Kitchenbrand and sons: Kevin, Mark & Billy, joined the dual membership of the strong Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation and Transvaal Homing Union. In 2004 they won 24 races on Club level. In 2007, the Kitchenbrand's re-wrote the South African top achievers archive to become the only known pigeon family to have had 3 family members scoring within the top ten One-Bird-to-Count Champion Points League Averages, of the mighty Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation, in a single season.

Dad, WP Kitchenbrand, better known as Bill, started his pigeon racing career in 1966. Looking back we can credit 300 Club event winners and +- 50 Wins on Organization level to his achievements. He won no less than 4 car races, of which two were won in a single season. His a multiple East Rand Federation Points Champion. He never scored outside the top 5 Champion Points League Averages of his Club. His 4 first pigeons was bought from the late Des Stow for a whopping Six hundred pound as he then already held the view that there is no compromise for quality. Only the best lines of famous locals inter alia the, Putteries, Slimmes and Croxford were used in the formation of the Kitchenbrand winning family. This discipline paid Bill amicable rewards when he won three separate 'money races' in two different Organizations, netting him R140 800 in total cash during the 2006 pigeon season.

Sons Kevin, Billy & Mark. Both Kevin & Billy commenced their pigeon careers then residing in Pretoria in 1989, whilst Mark only pursued his passion for the sport as a novice since 2003, then living in Kempton Park. All three brother managed top scores over the years, with Kevin recording +-100 wins and Billy around 60 Wins. Billy was crowned the Points League Champion of the Pretoria Pigeon Union, whilst Kevin achieved near a dozen 1st Federation wins. In due course brothers Kevin & Billy relocated to the East Rand. In 2004 Kevin won the Young Bird Champion series of the strong Boksburg Pigeon Racing Club. In 2006 season Billy managed to breed no less than 10 winners and a 5x winner for brother Mark. In 2007 Billy retired from active participation due to business commitments and officially become the stockman for the family. By then his portfolio as a breeder of Champion pigeons already lists numerous 'money winners' which includes a 26th Position in the International Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

In 2007 Kevin was crowned Club champion of the Boksburg Pigeon Racing Club after winning 9 race events for the season and R187 800-00 in the 'Money Race' of the TRPF. Dad Bill followed in the 2nd Position. Mark moved house to Alberton in 2006. He subsequently complimented the Kitchenbrand's winning cycle in totalling +-40 wins and numerous Champion best birds scores in only a few years of participation. In 2007 one of his Champion pigeons was crowned the Gold Medallist Winner. Mark became the quickest TRPF Organizational Champion in the shortest years of pigeon racing known in the South African Pigeon Racing history after winning this category in 2008, against 275 members. Kevin finished as runner-up Points Champion and Dad Bill in the 18th position - a remarkable achievement! In One-Day-Loft racing the strength of their pigeons was also felt in winning the 2008 Carnival City One-Day-Loft final and owning the best in the series twice.

The International Pigeon Connection

Mark Kitchenbrand invested a small fortune in the purchase of top International Pigeons from world renowned fanciers. He owns the most top scoring pigeons within the first 20 arrivals of the International Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race compared to anyone else in the World. He is the only fancier that has the distinct honour to interchangeably mate the top 20 SCMDPR winners together and enhance this much sought after gene pool.

The 'Birdy' Family. 'Birdy' was entered into the SCMDPR by German partners Sudhoff & Van Beers. Mark's purchase of Champion 'Birdy', the 2007 Ace pigeon of the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race for a new world record price of R800 000-00, send ripples through the International Pigeon Racing Community. 'Birdy' is the best racer in the history of the SCMDPR, scoring 10th in the final race as well. She is predominantly of the Janssens Van Loon Strain. To enhance the family line in South Africa Mark subsequently Imported a full brother, 2 full sisters, 4 half brothers and a half sister of Birdy. The brother of Birdy is an Ace Pigeon and 1st Federation Winner.

Various other prominent World famous pigeons also grace Mark's lofts: 'Konstantin' the 2007 SCMDPR Winner of German Champion Alfons Klaas. The pigeons JD Action and Good Aim - the 2nd and 3rd SCMDPR position winners in 2008 and 2009 respectively, entered by Gerhard Koopman from the Netherlands. 'Zander' the 6th SCMDPR pigeon entered by Hans Esser also from Koopman descent. Azurit, another Ace pigeon in the SCMDPR again from the Koopman lines. Schalke 04', the 2nd pigeon in the SCMDPR. Dr Feelgood entered by Raiko Rainer Marien from Germany scored the 3rd position in the SCMDPR. Ryan's Action the 5th scoring pigeon in the SCMDPR. Etc. Pigeons from various sources in Europe were imported with a specific mission to further the gene pool. such A top scoring fancier.

Family image
(Left to Right)
Kevin Kitchenbrand(brother)
Bill Kitchenbrand (Father)

They are both members at the Boksburg Racing Pigeon Club and are currently members in the "strong" TRPF organization.

Club Champion 2007 - Kevin Kitchenbrand
Runner-up - WP Kitchenbrand (Bill)
In the 2007 Season Mark, Kevin and Bill, ended in the top10 Positions in the TRPF ORGANIZATION (250 members).BILLY KITCHENBRAND - Brother -Known as "The Stockman", only Competed in 26 races for the 2007 season of a possible of 37 races, however he ended up very high in both Club and TRPF Averages.

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